From My Eyes, a Texas Officiant

040315_2224_FromMyEyesa1.jpgArriving at the wedding venue my usual hour early wearing black pants, black jacket, and a beautiful white blouse with silver beading around the neck, I gathered my tote bag with all my emergency supplies and paperwork along with my purse and headed toward the venue. Pausing on the sidewalk leading to the venue doors and I gave thanks for the beautiful cool Texas weather. It is always an awesome experience when a couple chooses me for their Officiant. Full of joy, I am so thankful for my couple and this beautiful day for a wedding. As I stand there looking around, I take notice of the beautifully manicured lawn, the flowers, and the beautiful fountain greeting the guest as they arrive. Feeling calm and in my ‘Zen’ like state leaving my cares behind, I am overcome with excitement for my couple. Today is their Wedding Day!

As I opened the doors to the venue, I am overcome with awe as I noticed all the labor that went into making the reception so beautiful with all the flowers and beautiful colors as they bounced off the lighting. Looking around, I am amazed at the talent that goes into making this a special day for my couples.

Looking for the wedding coordinator to let her know that I have arrived, I notice her adding final touches to the sweetheart table for the bride and groom. Giving her a hug, I ask her where the bride is located and where the groom is waiting. She directed me to the bridal room. Knocking on the door, I hear laughter coming from the room. As I slowly open the door, I notice the mother of the bride assisting the bride in dressing. All the bridesmaids are finishing their last minute details. Everyone is excited, talking and laughing. It is always a joy to listen to the emotions in the bridal room. Saying hi to everyone especially the Bride and her mother, I set my things down. It is time to ask the bride for the license. Her mother hands it to me. Checking the time and dates on the back, I notice everything is in order. Smiling, I do what I call my ‘happy dance.’ The bride smiles. As she gives me a hug, I tell her, “Congratulations, we are going to have a wedding!” She is so happy and beautiful. There is nothing as beautiful as the radiant glow of a bride on her wedding day.040315_2224_FromMyEyesa2.jpg

It is time for me to make my rounds. I pull out my music directions for DJ and my iPad. The bride tells me she needs some fake rings for the ring-bearer pillow. Handing the rings to the Maid of Honor, letting her tie them on the pillow. Leaving the bridal room, I am in search of the photographer and the groom. Finding the photographer and the groom outside with the groomsmen taking photos, I wave to let them know I have arrived. Patiently I wait as the photographer finishes taking photos. Hugging the groom, I tell him, “Congratulations!” I ask if he needs anything. The best man speaks up and says; he needs the rings. Promising him I would get them for him, I turn to the photographer, to see if it is a good time to review the ceremony. He says it is. We review each part of the ceremony. Knowing the bride and groom want photos of me signing the license, we discuss a good time for this to take place after the ceremony. We agree we will do it at the reception hall after the bride and groom make their grand entrance along with the bridal party. Photos are important to me. After the ceremony and celebration is over, the couple will have photos to enjoy for many years to come.

My task with the photographer complete, I return to the bridal room to retrieve the rings for the best man. There was still lots of activity in the bridal room with everyone doing last minute preparations. The bride was still arranging her hair, along with make-up. Enjoying the bustle of the preparations, the maid of honor hands me the rings. Leaving, I don’t want to be in the way, I take the bride’s rings to the best man; her wedding and engagement rings. Some brides choose just the wedding ring and wear the engagement ring on another finger. After the ceremony, they switch the engagement ring to the join the wedding ring. This bride decided to have the groom put both rings on her finger. Another way is to do the engagement ring first with a few words and then the wedding ring. How you choose do this part is a choice.

My next stop is the DJ. He is doing the sound and music for the ceremony. Finding him attending to last minute details, I ask him if it a good time to go over the music for the ceremony. We go over the music directions I created for him. He asks a few questions and makes some notes. He likes my music directions. They are easy to understand and helps him. I had never worked with this DJ before. He tells me, “He wishes all officiants would provide detailed music instruction such as I have done.” I thank him and smile. He hands me the lapel mic I will be using during the ceremony. He shows me how to turn it on and off. I go to the place I will be standing during the ceremony. We do a sound check. He is satisfied with the sound. We are good to go.

040315_2224_FromMyEyesa3.jpgWhile at the ceremony space, I notice the table with the wine box on it. It is off to the side where no one will be able to see the couple celebrate with the Wine Box Ceremony because the groomsmen will be blocking the view. I move the table, sitting it in a location for everyone to see and enjoy.

I take a seat at the ceremony location. Now it is my quiet time. I silently express gratitude for this day and my couple. I ask the Creator to bless the ceremony space and the marriage. I ask to be the expression of love at this time on this day that this couple deserves. No matter what type of ceremony the couple is having their day will be perfect. It is my private moment.

Wandering back to the location I last saw the groom, I notice him enjoying his friends and laughing. He is so happy and excited. The wedding coordinator is placing boutonnieres on the groomsmen. Noticing the groom’s parents standing off to the side, I walk over to them. Greeting them, I say, “Congratulations!” They are so happy for their son. We stand and talk for a few minutes.

Adventuring back to the bridal room I find the bride almost in tears. Somehow she has mascara on her wedding gown. Calmly, I look into my emergency bag and find the Shout wipes. We use one on her dress and the stain come right out. The maid of honor blow dries the wet spot on the gown. Her gown looks as good as new; No spot! She is a happy, glowing bride again. One of the bridesmaids needs a safety pin. Looking in the bag, I hand her one. The bride is almost ready.

I go into the hall and wait for the coordinator. As she is lining everyone up for the processional, I walk out and make my announcement regarding electronic devices. Giving the DJ a nod and the music starts for this beautiful Texas Spring Wedding. I am Rev. Donna and I love officiating ceremonies.040315_2222_4.jpg