From Meeting to Ceremony

The following is a guide of what to expect when working with Stardust Weddings Officiants from your first meeting to your ceremony and beyond.



First of all when you contact Stardust Weddings, an Officiant will contact you through an email or a phone call. The Officiant who you requested or who is available will try to set up a date and time to meet with you and your fiancé. One of the most important questions your Officiant will ask is your wedding date, time and location. Just like other wedding vendors Officiants book months in advance. The meeting is to not only ascertain if you and the Officiant are a good match, for personality style and level of expertise, but to also give the Officiant the opportunity to explain everything you need to know about working with them; how they handle crisis and problems; what to expect during your ceremony; and to get to know you and your plans for your ceremony.


During your meeting:

Meeting your Officiant is a great way to learn more about Stardust Weddings and what we offer. The meeting typically take place half-way between where you live and where they live. Set up a date and time that works for everyone and give your Officiant a chance to meet you and to explain the fees, contract and other aspects of the ceremony you may not have thought of, and how to ascertain your marriage license, if you want a legal marriage.

Typically meetings are around 1-2 hours in length. Allow yourself to be open with the Officiant when you meet; let your beliefs and values be known and tell them how you met. Explain what kind of ceremony you would like to have. Your Officiant will show you the Ceremony Idea Booklet. This booklet contains literally thousands of ideas to help you create a ceremony that is unique, special and personal. Listen and then ask any questions you may have.


After the Meeting:

Do you still have questions? Contact the Officiant and ask your questions.

Make sure you send in your contract and check for the deposit. You can go to the website and pay via PayPal or Market Place using Square, if you would like, or mail in your check. Upon receipt your Officiant will email you a copy of the Ceremony Idea Book and a Typical Wedding Worksheet if this is the package you have choosen.

You will want to get your license at least 1 week prior to your wedding, making sure you have followed the instructions given to you by your Officiant and the Texas State laws.

You should make your selections from the Ceremony Idea Booklet when you receive it as soon as you can, so that you can send it to your Officiant for review, editing and suggestions.

You should meet with your Officiant as often as you deem necessary to complete your ceremony.



You should inform your Officiant of your scheduled rehearsal as soon as possible but not less than 1 month prior to the actual rehearsal date so that they can be sure to be available on the date you have selected. You may want to have a conversation about your rehearsal a day or two before to understand what is required and what to expect. There is another document dedicated to rehearsal your Officiant will e-mail you. Let’s just say that the rehearsal is important to have a perfect ceremony, especially when you have more than 1 or two people in your bridal party; At least then they know what to expect during the ceremony. At rehearsal time, please let your Officiant know if you want them to be included in photos after the ceremony. If you would like pictures of your witnesses and/or your Officiant signing the license, please let your Officiant know at this time. Also, if you want pictures of your signed license, please let your Officiant know at rehearsal.



Your Officiant should arrive at least 45 minutes before your ceremony this way they have a chance to interact with the other vendors to ensure your ceremony is perfect. During your ceremony your Officiant will have Kleenex in their pocket and be very aware of what is happening around them.


Following the ceremony:

 Following the ceremony, your documents will be signed, a copy of your ceremony will be left for you on the gift table or given to a person you indicate for safe keeping. On the way home from your ceremony, your Officiant will mail your Marriage License to the proper County Clerk’s Office for filing. You should receive your Marriage License from the County Clerk’s office in about 5 to 10 business days. When your Officiant gets home they will e-mail you a copy of your Marriage License for your records and to have until you receive the original in the mail. Your Officiant may ask to take photos, do a short video testimonial or something similar. Your Officiant is there for you, if you have a problem with your license or have any questions, just call, e-mail, or text them. And, please, remember your Officiant in the future for any baby naming ceremonies for your new baby, house blessings for that new home, any other blessings or referrals.